3 Reasons for Having a Loose Dental Implant

Many patients are told that dental implants are permanent. However, they can become loose. At the Center for Oral Surgery in Las Vegas, we strive to educate patients on what to know before, during, and after treatment. If you have a loose dental implant, we outline why this could be happening and what you can do to fix it.

Symptoms of a Loose Dental Implant

Symptoms of a loose dental implant can include:

  • Pain
  • Discoloration around your implant
  • Bleeding
  • Bone loss & sunken gums
  • The artificial tooth moves around

If you’ve been feeling any of the above symptoms, it most likely means you have a loose dental implant or crown. You don’t want to leave this untreated as this can cause health complications.
An untreated loose implant can cause a severe infection that could spread from your mouth and jaw to your face and neck.

3 Causes of a Loose Dental Implant

  • Loose Crown-Since the crown is held on with cement, the seal can be broken causing the crown to become unglued.
  • Gum Disease & Bone Loss-Getting gum disease around your implant (or what’s known as “peri-implantitis”) is a serious issue. The infection from gum disease eats away at the jaw bone that holds the dental implant in place. The jaw bone deteriorates so much that the implant doesn’t have anything to hold on to. To prevent peri-implantitis, gum disease, and bone loss, you’ll need to have a consistent home care routine and visit your dentist regularly.
  • Loose Abutment-The top of your implant has a hollow area that an attachment (which is known as an abutment) gets screwed into. This abutment sticks out of the gum and your crown is cemented on top of it. At times, the abutment can begin to unthread from the implant, making it lose.

Other Causes

Once the implant has been placed onto the jawbone, the process of healing (or what’s known as osseointegration) should surround the bone and grow over the implant to secure a bond. Osseointegration can fail to take place if:

  • Your body has a weak healing system
  • If the surgery occurs under undue pressure or if the implant forms an inadequate bond due to not having enough healthy bone to support it

Luckily, the symptoms of a failed osseointegration are noticeable right after surgery. If you notice that your implant is not healing properly, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

What to Do If You Have a Loose Implant?

If you notice that your implant, screw, or crown is loose, store the part safely in a container and make an emergency appointment with your dentist. You can rinse your mouth out with mouthwash in the meanwhile- but make sure this has NO alcohol in it. Also, avoid chewing food on this side of your mouth.

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