Congenitally-Missing Teeth: What Are My Options?

Most people associate missing teeth with loss due to severe decay or injury. However, some people are born with missing teeth. Like teeth lost to trauma or other issues, congenitally-missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

It is not all that uncommon for some people to have teeth that simply don’t come in. This is most common for wisdom teeth as many people are born with just two or three instead of four. But other teeth can be missing as well, which in most cases is little more than an inconvenience although sometimes it can be caused by a serious genetic condition.

Replacing Congenitally Missing Teeth Offers Many Benefits

If you have missing wisdom teeth, you probably don’t need any type of treatment. Most of us have our wisdom teeth removed anyway because of insufficient room for the teeth to come in fully. But if your missing teeth are causing your other teeth to shift out of alignment, you should consider replacing those teeth with dental implants as there are many benefits you can enjoy by filling those gaps in your smile including:

  • An improved appearance with no spaces in your smile
  • Better self-confidence knowing your smile looks great
  • Proper biting and chewing for better digestion and overall health
  • A long-lasting improvement that requires no special maintenance

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