How often will I have to have my dental implants checked?

dental implants spring valley nvDental implants are the most advanced, state-of-the-art type of tooth replacement. It’s important to have your new implants checked on a regular basis to be sure they have bonded properly with the jawbone and to be sure no inflammation is occurring in the gums. Initially, your dentist might prefer to have you visit more often than every six months to be sure everything is in order.

After Implant Surgery

Caring properly for your implants immediately after your implant procedure is vital to their eventual success. Your implant dentist will provide you with information regarding aftercare. The most important part of recovery is a process called osseointegration, during which the jawbone naturally bonds to the titanium in your implants. This bonding process ensures that your new teeth will remain stationary, and that the roots will help stimulate the jawbone to regenerate over time.

In the later stages of recovery, and as you get used to your new teeth, your dentist might want you to visit more frequently than usual. This is so he can check to be sure the healing process is progressing properly. In addition, dental implants create a slightly higher risk for developing gum disease. Since gum disease can, in the long-term, lead to implant failure, it’s very important to monitor the condition of your gums.

Long-Term Care of Your Implants

As you get used to your new teeth, you will develop a new oral hygiene routine that keeps your implants clean and healthy as well as ensuring the health of your remaining natural teeth. In general, you can brush your implants at the same time as you brush your other teeth and with the same technique. Although implants are not susceptible to decay, regular brushing helps prevent bacteria from building up on their surfaces. This bacteria can lead to gum disease or can cause decay in your other teeth. Flossing also remains important, so be sure to floss around the abutments of your implants.

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