Dental Implants: Never use denture adhesive again

When a patient loses one or more teeth, there are a variety of options available to resolve the problem. For patients concerned about aesthetics only, and who are willing to deal with the external factors such as removing a dental fixture for cleaning and sleeping, there are several choices. But if you have suffered tooth loss, and want to retain all the benefits of eating, speaking and smiling like you did before your loss occurred, a discussion about dental implants will offer both a rewarding and wonderful option.

A denture that starts out fitting great can change over time. When a tooth is gone bone loss will occur that may alter the way the denture fits. As gum tissue starts to shrink, the denture no longer performs the way it once did. [pullquote]The ability to eat, speak and smile without fear of embarrassment or troublesome inconvenience is no longer a luxury, but a reality thanks to dental implants.[/pullquote]

Adjustments and relining may help. Resorting to denture adhesives to correct the fit may offer a temporary solution. But if you want to abandon the bad fit, slipping and relying on dental adhesives to feel confident or comfortable, a consultation with your oral surgeon about life with dental implants will lead you down the path closest to what life was like before tooth loss.

With dental implants, the titanium unit is surgically placed in gum tissue where a tooth has been lost. A healing period of four to six months follows surgery. This time allows the implant to fuse with bone in the gum tissue, which ultimately will be the primary support for the restoration that covers it.

After the surgical area has completely healed, it will be time to remove the temporary covering that has been protecting the implant. During this healing period excellent dental hygiene support is needed to guarantee against infection, the leading cause of implant failure.

The final restoration will be permanently affixed to the implant which will restore full function like your natural tooth. The appearance will be fabricated to match surrounding teeth making the implant indiscernible from them.

Thanks to the implant, or implant supported bridge, there is no longer the need for separate dental maintenance or adhesives. Care is as simple as daily brushing, flossing and visiting your dental provider twice a year for cleanings and exams.

The ability to eat, speak and smile without fear of embarrassment or troublesome inconvenience is no longer a luxury, but a reality thanks to dental implants.

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