Dental Implants: Reclaim a more youthful appearance

Las Vegas dental implantsNothing adds years to your appearance quite like missing teeth. Maybe it’s because tooth loss is so frequently believed to be a natural consequence of “old age”. Maybe it’s because missing teeth just makes you feel older. Perhaps it’s because you tend to smile less often to avoid showing the gaps and spaces. It’s true that tooth loss and the subsequent bone loss causes sagging and drooping of the lips and cheeks. Altogether, tooth loss takes a great toll on your self-confidence and the overall quality of your life.

Many decades ago, dentures and bridgework were the only alternatives for replacing missing teeth. There were some disadvantages associated with dentures and bridges, but they were certainly better than nothing. Today, dental implants offer the most ideal solutions for tooth replacement.

With implants, you can replace the missing teeth, regain your youthful appearance, and restore your confidence. With none of the drawbacks of bulky or removable tooth replacements, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the joys of a complete smile.

Depending on the size and the location of the missing natural tooth, your oral surgeon will design an implant to closely mimic the original tooth. Following the appropriate healing period, the tooth implant will become permanently integrated with the jaw bone, a relationship that offers outstanding stability and strength.

By standing in the gap left vacant by tooth loss, the implant will prevent the remaining teeth from slipping out of place. The bone loss that accompanies tooth loss will also be prevented, and in turn, prevent the unattractive sagging and drooping of your facial features.

Naturally, you’ll smile more. Of course, your new tooth will look so natural that others will be unaware of your artificial tooth. They’ll only notice that you look younger and happier, and your full smile will convey a message of good health.

Quite possibly, the greatest indicator of your regained youth will be seen in your renewed self-confidence. When you feel great and look confident, you are no longer defined by your age.

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