Dental Implants: Restore Your Natural Smile

When you’re missing teeth, you may hesitate to smile when around others due to feeling embarrassed by the gaps in your smile. This can greatly affect your ability to express your emotions to others and can even result in you not enjoying activities fully due to feeling self-conscious about how your smile looks.

Why Dental Implants in Las Vegas are So Popular

When compared to full or partial dentures, dental implants offer many more benefits. Implants are natural looking, durable,  long-lasting and very comfortable.

A dental implant not only replaces the visible portion of your tooth but also the tooth root. A screw-like post is placed directly into the jawbone. Once a healing process is complete, the implant is topped with a crown to finish the procedure. When you bite and chew with an implant, the jawbone is given the stimulation it needs to grow. This helps you avoid atrophy of the jawbone, which is a common problem among long-term denture wearers.

Are You a Good Candidate for Implants?

In order to be considered a good candidate for dental implants and to ensure your implants will be successful, you must be in good overall health, be free of gum disease and have sufficient bone mass available in the jaw to support the implant. If you do have a problem like gum disease, it must be treated and brought under control before you can receive a dental implant to ensure your implant is successful.

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