Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

Anyone who’s ever suffered from a lost tooth knows how problematic it can be. A missing tooth can drain self-confidence and self-esteem, and can even make someone reluctant to laugh, smile, or show their teeth at all. In addition to the psychological drawbacks, missing teeth can impair tooth alignment, affect the general health of a patient’s mouth, and even lead to more tooth loss down the road. Dental implant treatments are one of the newest, most effective ways of treating missing teeth – but do dental implants really do a good job of mimicking the shape and appearance of natural teeth? Do dental implants really look like real teeth?

Custom-Made to Match Your Smile

The visible part of a dental implant is actually a prosthetic crown, which is attached to a surface on top of the implant called an abutment. Crowns are made from a composite material that’s custom manufactured to match the color of tooth enamel, and we can even shade yours to match the specific shade of your teeth. In addition, we can mold, sand, and shape the crown to perfectly match the shape of the tooth its replacing – so yes, implants provide a natural-looking replacement that looks and functions just like a normal tooth does.

But the benefits of an implant don’t stop at aesthetics. Below the crown lies a titanium cylinder, which acts as an artificial tooth root, and through a process called osseointegration, the jawbone literally fuses with the implant to create a strong foundation for the replacement tooth. This integration provides stimulus for healthy jaw and gum tissue growth, preventing jaw and gum recession, which can cause serious problems not only for the area around the missing tooth but also the entire dental arch.

When all is said and done, a dental implant isn’t just a natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth – it’s also an effective way to protect your smile, bite, and jaw structure. Implants function the same as natural teeth, and even need to be cleaned by brushing and flossing in the same way that natural teeth do. They help with bite function, speech, and protecting the integrity or your smile – all while looking just like a real tooth.

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