Can Periodontal Disease Prevent Me from Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most advanced, effective, and long lasting way to replace missing teeth. They restore the appearance and function of your smile, along with your confidence, and even help to strengthen tissue and bone in the process, boosting your oral health overall. The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas offers a range of treatments to our patients, from dental extractions, to implants, to wisdom teeth removal, and we know just how life-changing dental implants can be when selected by the right patient at the right time. Read on to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, and whether or not periodontal disease will prevent you from achieving your dream smile. The short answer is: not necessarily.

Dental Implants Require Healthy Bone and Gum Mass

Dental Implants are anchored in your jaw like a real tooth, and therefore they require the support of some bone and gum mass to hold them in place. Whether or not the implant has enough support can make or break the treatment: not enough can mean the implant falls out or causes more damage, whereas a well anchored implant will actually stimulate bone and tissues and strengthen them. Periodontal (Gum) disease can break down the tissues in your mouth, but many people who have suffered from it still have enough healthy bone and gum mass to successfully anchor implants.

First Treat the Gum Disease

To be a candidate for life-changing dental implants, you must first get your periodontal disease under control by seeking treatment from your general dentist or a periodontist. Once the gum disease is treated, an oral surgeon will evaluate your readiness for implants. The oral surgeon will determine whether or not your bone and gum mass is prepared to support the implants and, fortunately, even if it is insufficient, you can receive bone and tissue grafts to become a candidate for our Las Vegas dental implants.

Dental Implants are the Transformative Treatment for Missing Teeth

Implants are the most effective treatment, and are the only treatment that doesn’t just cover the problem, but actively supports tissue and bone strength to hold your smile together for years to come. To achieve the look and feel of natural teeth with implants, contact us and request an appointment at the Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas. Whether or not you have suffered from periodontal disease, if you are missing teeth, dental implants can revolutionize your smile, and we can help you get there.