Eat The Foods You Want with Dental Implants

Advances made over the years in implant dentistry have resulted in the development of new options for addressing tooth loss that have numerous benefits over traditional tooth replacement options. Today, dental implants are the tooth replacement option most people choose as implants are permanent, natural-looking and allow you to eat any foods you like.

How Dental Implants Work

There have been many methods used to replace missing teeth throughout history. Many substances have been used to try to replicate teeth including glass, wood and stone. But true progress in developing a permanent tooth replacement method did not occur until it was discovered that titanium naturally bonds with human bone. Today, titanium or titanium alloy is used to make dental implants to ensure the artificial tooth roots completely fuse with the jawbone to provide a very stable and long-lasting tooth replacement option.

Many people who are looking for dental implants in Las Vegas visit Dr. Letelier to find out if they can replace their missing teeth with implants. When our doctor does provide a patient with a dental implant, he will ensure that there is sufficient bone mass present to support the implant to ensure the procedure will be successful. Once the implant is placed and a healing process is complete, a prosthetic tooth top or crown is placed on the artificial tooth root to finish the procedure.

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