What factors contribute to the long-term success of dental implants?

Longevity is one of the many benefits of dental implants. With proper care, these artificial tooth roots can last for decades.

Many factors influence the long-term success of your dental implants, so to get them to live up to their maximum lifespan, it’s important to know of any issues that may interfere with your dental implants.

Your oral surgeon can discuss these various issues with you and identify any potential problems that may limit the durability of your dental implants.

An effective healing process is a must for long-term dental implant success, and this begins with sufficient bone quality. The bio-mechanism by which the dental implant fuses with the jaw is the foundation of the implant’s stability. Without adequate bone material, the implant’s integration is more likely to fail.

In these cases, bone grafts can provide supplemental bone material to support an implant. Your oral surgeon may recommend a preliminary procedure of this type before your dental implants are placed.

Uncontrolled gum disease can also threaten your dental implants. When gum disease is present, the inflammation in the tissue can spread to the bone and disrupt the healing process. Patients with active gum disease should seek effective periodontal treatment before pursuing dental implants.

Smoking is another potential complicating factor in dental implant success. Patients who smoke are at greater risk of implant failure than those who don’t. You will need to refrain from smoking at least for the period of time in which you are healing from the surgery. Ideally, smokers will quit for good after getting their dental implants.

Of course, a qualified, experienced oral surgeon also influences the success of your dental implants. Choose a surgeon who is updated on advances in the technology and one who can demonstrate success in past patients.

If you have any concerns about factors that may limit the longevity of your dental implants, be sure to discuss these with your oral surgeon during the planning process so they can be addressed as needed.

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