Stop jawbone atrophy with dental implants

dental implants NevadaDental implants are a permanent option for tooth replacement. They provide a natural-looking, stationary set of new teeth that will allow you to eat normally without any concerns about your teeth moving or falling out. They also help stimulate jawbone growth, preventing the atrophy that accompanies long-term tooth loss.

Dental Implants and How They Work

Implants are unique among tooth replacement options because they provide both an artificial root and a crown—the visible portion of the tooth. The artificial root is placed directly into the jawbone, providing a secure, permanent foundation for your new tooth. The implant can support an individual tooth, a bridge with a few teeth, or a set of implants can be used to anchor a full denture.

Unlike traditional dentures, implants or dentures anchored with implants don’t move in your mouth when you bite or chew. The secure foundation allows you to eat even chewy or crunchy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. You also never have to worry about your teeth shifting while you talk or moving enough to rub uncomfortably on your gums.

Jawbone Atrophy and Dental Implants

Your natural teeth sit in sockets in your jawbone. The root sits in the socket and, as long as the root is present, the jawbone will regenerate, maintaining sufficient bone mass to support the tooth. However, when a tooth is lost, the absence of the root means that the bone will gradually be resorbed. The empty socket and the supporting bone is recycled by the body and the calcium is used, since there is no tooth there.

Dental implants are made of titanium or titanium alloys. Bone will bond to titanium. This bond between the implant and the jawbone means that the implant stimulates bone growth. This prevents atrophy over time, which leads to a change in the shape of your face. Your upper and lower jaws become closer to each other. The stereotypical look of an elderly person with a shrunken face comes from this phenomenon. With dental implants, your jawbone remains intact, preventing these changes.

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