What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

The following symptoms are common indicators that you may have oral cancer. While these symptoms may indicate a less serious issue, it’s in your best interest to schedule a doctor visit to receive a professional diagnosis. The doctor will perform a physical exam on your lips and mouth and run tests if any suspicious or abnormal tissue is found. If any of these symptoms have persisted for more than a week, call your oral and maxillofacial surgeon today. Tramadol https://medicalspecialistsoffairfield.com/tramadol/

  • A mouth sore that doesn’t seem to be healing
  • Teeth are more loose than they used to be
  • Mouth and ear pain
  • Difficulty swallowing and chewing
  • A growth or lump inside your mouth or in the cheek
  • Voice changes
  • Weight loss
  • Persistent bad breath

Factors That Influence the Risk of Oral Cancer

  1. Gender
    More than 50,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019, according to the American Cancer Society. More than two-thirds of those diagnosed were men, and men who are 50 years old or older are the most likely to receive this diagnosis.
  2. Use of tobacco and alcohol
    Those who smoke cigarettes, cigars, or tobacco in pipes, as well as those who regularly consume alcohol, are six times more likely to develop oral cancer when compared to nonsmokers and nondrinkers. Those who consume dip, snuff, and chewing tobacco are 50 times more likely to develop cancer in the cheek, gums, and lips.
  3. Genetics
    A family history of oral cancer or other cancers may indicate increased risk.
  4. Sun exposure
    The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin, increasing the risk of all types of skin cancer.
  5. HPV
    Also known as the human papillomavirus, contains certain strains of this STI (sexually transmitted infection) which can increase the risk of oral cancer.

How is Oral Cancer Treated?

If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, treatment will depend on the location and stage of the disease. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, drug therapy, and immunotherapy are all ways that your doctor can treat and hopefully cure your oral cancer.

If you have symptoms of oral cancer, schedule an examination today.

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