Why Dental Implants are the Perfect Christmas Present

Are you looking to bring a smile to someone’s face this Christmas? Choosing the perfect Christmas gift can be difficult. If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, then dental implants are a great option. Dental implants can restore an individual’s smile and self-confidence.

Our team at The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas provides a host of services that include Las Vegas dental extractions and dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants can be a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. The implant is integrated into the bone and a prosthetic tooth is placed on the implant. The implant is usually made of titanium and the prosthetic tooth is a highly durable material, such as porcelain or zirconium. Dental implants have many benefits that include:

They are Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants look and act like natural teeth more than any other treatment option for missing teeth. The implant permanently fuses to the jawbone and feels like a natural tooth. Dental implants give individuals more chewing capability than dental bridges or dentures because they are integrated into the jawbone.

They Preserve Bone Structure

Bone loss is a major cause of tooth loss. This is because the gums alone don’t provide enough stimulation to support the jawbone, which leads to bone deterioration. Dentures and dental bridges do not preserve the bone structure as dental implants do, and poorly fitted dentures may even speed up bone loss.

Dental Implants Last Longer Than Other Treatments

When properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental bridges have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and dentures need to be refitted over time. Dental implants are made to act and feel like natural teeth and are made with durable materials.

The Surrounding Teeth are Preserved

With a dental bridge, the adjacent teeth have to be filed down to support the bridge. The teeth that hold the bridge undergo strain, which is one reason why a dental bridge isn’t expected to last as long as a dental implant.

Dental Implants Stop Misalignment

A missing tooth causes a gap that can lead to shifting of the surrounding teeth. The misalignment can cause problems with chewing. The shifting can also cause issues with enunciating words, and bacteria can become trapped in the small gaps between the misaligned teeth, which can eventually lead to gum disease.

Dental Implants Can Help Prevent the Face From Sagging

One effect of bone loss due to missing teeth is facial sagging. This can cause an individual to look older than they are because the lower part of the face begins to sag and this gets worse with time. Dental implants preserve bone mass and help to keep facial muscles from sagging.

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