Why We Recommend Dental Implants

Damaged or missing teeth can pose several problems, including unfavorable appearance and improper functionality. There are a variety of options available to resolve these issues, and the right option is largely dependent upon your needs as a patient. With that being said, there is one solution that seems to prevail, providing full functionality and allowing you to eat, speak and smile as normal – that solution is dental implants.

Alternatives to Implants

While implants are our preferred method of choice, we understand that some patients might be more set on other solutions. We’d like to take this opportunity to go through these options –

  • Dentures – While dentures might be a great fit aesthetically, over time, bone loss begins to occur in missing teeth. This bone loss may cause the denture to fit less favorably, taking away from your performance when it comes to speaking, eating and smiling.
  • Denture Adhesives – Denture adhesive can be helpful if you feel that you are experiencing issues with the placement of your dentures. Adhesives can help with comfort and confidence, however, they are somewhat inconvenient and not as reliable as a long-term solution.

Why Implants Prevail

Dental implants are a convincing solution for damaged or missing teeth and they really allow you to remember what life was like before tooth loss.

Dental implants consist of a titanium unit and a restoration that covers this. To begin, Dr. Letellier will place the unit in your gum tissue, with a temporary covering on top of it. After this surgery, you will take a break from treatment for about 4-6 months while you heal. During this time, the implant will naturally fuse with the bone that is located beneath your gum tissue. It is extremely important to maintain excellent oral hygiene during this time, as infection is the leading cause of failure of dental implants.

As you are healing, we at The Center for Oral Surgery will be carefully fabricating a restoration that will match the color, shape and size of surrounding teeth, making it indistinguishable from your real teeth. After the area of your implant has healed, the temporary covering will be removed and the final restoration will be inserted over the implant.

Some of the benefits of dental implants are as follows –

  • Appearance – The dental implant resembles natural teeth.
  • Convenience – You will not need to worry about taking it out and putting it back in, as dental implants are permanent.
  • Speech – If the missing tooth was leading to a speech impediment, a dental implant will restore your speech.
  • Upkeep – Upkeep is very easy with dental implants. Daily brushing and flossing is required, as well as teeth cleanings every six months – that’s it!

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