Tooth Extractions

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“You need tooth extractions”is never something someone wants to hear their dentist say. However, pulling a tooth may be necessary for your overall oral health, or to create room in a mouth where the jaw structure is not big enough to accommodate all your teeth. Dr. Carlos Letelier of Las Vegas Oral Surgery makes the process as easy and  pain-free as possible.

How Dr. Carlos Letelier Determines That a Tooth Must Be Pulled

The first thing the doctor will do is take x-rays or sometimes, an in-office CT scan. The images will show if there are impacted teeth or teeth that cannot come through the gums because other teeth are blocking them. The x-rays may also show infections in bone and tissue or disease that is more serious. Larger cavities may also be visible on an x-ray. 

Broken, damaged, and dead teeth need to be pulled, as well. A tooth that cannot successfully be saved through crowning or a root canal is a candidate for extraction. Dead teeth are teeth so badly impacted by decay that the pulp of the tooth is no longer living. Leaving a dead tooth in your mouth can result in an abscess and a serious infection of your mouth.

Dental Surgery Has Come a Long Way

Dental surgery has come a long way from the days of sitting in a barber’s chair and having the barber pull your teeth with pliers! At The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas, a patient’s comfort comes first. Beyond just local anesthesia, patients receive general anesthesia to relieve discomfort and to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible. 

Pain medication and antibiotics are often prescribed after the surgery to help manage post-surgical pain and prevent infections in the areas where teeth are removed. If you book an appointment with Dr. Carlos Letelier for tooth extraction, you can ask him what methods would work best for your procedure and what medication will help afterward.

Your Mouth Heals Rather Quickly After Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, a moist wound heals faster than a dry one. Your mouth heals faster than almost any other part of your body. It’s your body’s defense mechanism against infection as well as its natural inclination to heal moist wounds faster. 

After a week or two, if necessary, you will have a follow-up with the doctor. He will examine the surgical sites to make sure they are healing according to plan. The sutures used will dissolve after some time or come out on their own. Most patients report no pain after just a week. Schedule your consultation for your  Las Vegas oral surgery today!