Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Dr. Carlos Letelier has become Nevada’s preferred wisdom tooth extractor, and he frequently fields questions regarding the procedure. Normally, humans produce four wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth cavity. Removing these teeth requires a surgical procedure, to prevent future complications.

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Why Rely on Las Vegas Oral Surgery

Las Vegas Oral Surgery can remove a wisdom tooth and alleviate excess pressure on adjacent molars. Since wisdom teeth are the last permanent ones to emerge, they rarely become noticeable before age 17, and they may remain hidden until age 25. 

If someone’s mouth cavity lacks sufficient space to accommodate the newly emerging teeth, they can be impacted. Therefore, removing them can be deemed a medical necessity. 

Risks of an Impacted Tooth

Impacted wisdom teeth pose unique health risks, such as growing at awkward angles. For example, they may grow at a right angle to the jawbone, or they can be trapped inside of it. 

If this happens and the affected teeth remain in place, you will get quite a bit of pain. Furthermore, food and debris can lodge beneath or behind the tooth’s surface, leading to decay. Consequently, a patient’s risk of infection and gum disease increases if left alone. 

Nearby bones risk damage, and cysts can develop in the exposed tooth tissue. If a client is undergoing treatment, this can disrupt the process too. In addition to triggering pain, the growing tooth can make it feel hard to chew or swallow. 

Advantages of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Despite some disagreements about the exact nature of the benefits conferred by extraction, the evidence is clear. Extracting a symptomatic tooth is one of the quickest paths to symptom relief and future symptom prevention. However, it can be difficult to assess an asymptomatic tooth’s risk.

Symptom-free teeth may harbor viral particles, bacteria, or fungi in many cases. Moreover, cleaning around the tooth can be tedious if it lacks the space to erupt. 

On the other hand, younger people experience fewer complications, even if they do not treat the tooth. Older adults can also be afflicted with complications resulting from surgical treatment. Nevertheless, experienced dentists can suggest an appropriate path to wellness for you. 


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Pain, irritation, and annoyances in the mouth are not conducive to a life well-lived. Nonetheless, wisdom teeth affect most adults, so removing them is relatively common. Speak to us about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Carlos Letelier.