Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Dr. Carlos Letelier and the entire staff at The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas have made it our goal to give you the healthiest smile in any way we can. In order to best assist in this goal, we’re glad to provide a long list of efficient services. One of these services that we often provide wisdom teeth removal, a beneficial treatment that we’d like to tell you more about.

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Why Are Wisdom Teeth Typically Removed?

The most common reason as to why wisdom teeth are removed from a patient’s mouth is simply because there’s just not enough space. When there isn’t enough space in a person’s mouth, the wisdom teeth will be impacted, meaning that they can’t properly break through the gums. Because the space is limited, they may come in at angles and push against other teeth. This can end up crowding the other teeth, damaging them and also causing the teeth to shift into misalignment. To prevent this damage from happening, it’s best to remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Even wisdom teeth that seem normal can prove to be problematic over time. When wisdom teeth are retained, they can lead to gum disease, periodontal inflammation, and bone loss. This won’t even just affect a person’s oral health either – this has been linked to systemic health issues that include diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. T

he best way to prevent this is through the early removal of wisdom teeth. This isn’t a detrimental surgery either because wisdom teeth don’t really provide any practical oral health benefits; they’re too far back to be useful for chewing and they’re also difficult to clean properly.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Removal Be Performed?

Removing them at a younger age is strongly preferable because teenagers and young adults will have the ability to heal faster. In fact, recovery is generally significantly longer for patients who are over 21 than it is for younger patients. As an added reason to remove wisdom teeth early on, there’s a lesser chance of a nerve injury happening when wisdom teeth are removed before their roots have formed.

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