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Advanced Oral Surgery Care in Las Vegas

Welcome to The Center for Oral Surgery where we are proud to offer Las Vegas patients a full range of oral surgery care including dental implants, extractions and crown lengthening. Thanks to the continuing progress in the dental field, we are able to provide patients in need of teeth restoration an accelerated treatment option with teeth in a day. Learn more about this solution below and visit our office where our doctor, Dr. Letelier, will discuss your diagnosis and the treatment process in further detail.

Traditional Treatment Process

The conventional protocol to replace missing teeth in totally edentulous patients (patients with no teeth) requires, in most cases bone grafting. This bone grafting needs to heal for approximately six months, after which, if enough bone is present, six or more implants in the upper jaw and five to six implants in the lower jaw are placed. Four to six months after implant placement a restoration either fixed or removable is placed. The process takes over one year to be completed and costs upwards of $60,000.00.

The All-on-4 concept was developed in order to decrease the cost and shorten the treatment plan for restoring teeth on completely edentulous patients.

Accelerated Treatment in Las Vegas

With the All-on-4 procedure approximately 80% of patients can be restored with conventional implants without bone grafting. This is made possible by the placement of implants at an angle using the available bone. If the implants have enough stability in the bone, which is the case in most instances, a fixed provisional restoration can be placed immediately or within a few days of implant placement. The treatment time, therefore, has been reduced from over one year to one to three days. The cost, discomfort and amount of surgeries required have also been substantially reduced.

A final restoration is placed approximately six months after the temporary restoration. This final restoration can be extended to the first molar area. The temporary restoration, however, has to be made to the level of the last implant in order to reduce forces over the implants as they heal.
As your surgeon, we will place the implants, and in many instances, the abutments over the implants as well. Your restorative dentist will place the interim restoration, as well as the final restoration.

In cases where implants do not have sufficient stability to be loaded immediately, they can be left to heal under the gum for four to six months, after which time the final restoration can be placed. In this case you could continue to use your full denture as the implant heals. Implant stability can only be determined at the time of surgery.

When insufficient bone is present for conventional implant placement, a Zygomatic implant can be used in many instances. This implant is anchored in the cheek bone.

A CT scan is performed prior to implant placement to help us determine the amount and quality of the available bone. With this study we will be able to let you know what kind of implants will be needed for your particular case.

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At The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas we want to help you put your best smile forward, so we work closely with our patients during the treatment process to find the best solution. We would be happy to discuss teeth in a day or answer any questions you might have about our dental implants, bone grafting, extractions, or other oral surgery services, so contact us today!