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Common Causes of Tooth Loss and Damage

Facial trauma and dental damage are no laughing matter. Unfortunately, it is easy for anyone to receive an unexpected blow that leaves them with fractured bones in the face or damaged teeth. Even if you do not believe your injury is serious, it is important that you be evaluated by a medical professional. Some damage […]

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3 Reasons Your Las Vegas Dentist May Recommend a Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a process in which your oral surgeon removes your tooth from its dental socket or alveolus. The procedure may sound scary, but Dr. Carlos Letelier and the team have perfected a method that is simple, painless and as quick as possible. That said, you may wonder if tooth extraction is really […]

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Tooth Loss and Its Consequences

Regrettably, many adults experience tooth loss, which commonly results from injury or gradual decay of the tooth. Luckily, dental implants are a great solution to this problem. Complications Arising from Tooth Loss Degeneration of the Jawbone Missing teeth can lead to the degeneration of your jawbone. Typically, the root of your tooth stimulates the growth […]

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Dental Implants – A Long History Of Replacing Missing Teeth

While many people believe that dental implants offer a relatively new way to replace missing teeth, the truth is that dental implant treatment is not a recent invention. In ancient times, people would use bits of seashells, carved pebbles, stones, and other materials to replace missing teeth. Later, teeth were removed from cadavers and used […]

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