What factors contribute to long-term success of dental implants?

For the average dental implant patient, the long-term success of the implant procedure will depend on overall health and the continued conscientious maintenance of oral hygiene. Most implant dentistry procedures have exceptionally successful track records, and oral surgeons help to ensure patients are in the best state possible prior to the implant procedure to maximize […]

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Which Teeth Can Be Replaced by Dental Implants?

Any missing tooth can be replaced with a tooth implant. Whether you’re missing a single tooth in the front, three or four teeth in the back, or an entire arc of teeth on the top or bottom, dental implants can give you a new, natural-looking smile. How Do I Decide if Implants are Right for […]

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Is Anesthesia Required for Implant Surgery?

Implant dentistry has brought about many changes in the way dentists deal with tooth loss. Implants provide permanent, stationary, natural-looking new teeth that will serve you for a lifetime. Implant surgery involves placing an artificial root in the jawbone. The procedure is usually performed with local anesthetic. Anesthesia and Implant Surgery Implant surgery is usually […]

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My Dental Implant Is Loose – What Should I Do?

Dental implants are permanent replacements for your missing teeth. However, they can at times suffer trauma just like your natural teeth. In addition, complications can develop during the healing process that will cause your implants to become loose. If you have any problems with your implants, you should see your implant dentist right away. How […]

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Consequences of a Single Tooth Loss

The loss of a single tooth hardly seems like a catastrophe. It’s just one tooth, right? However, even the loss of one tooth can lead to a domino effect that can cause additional tooth loss and other uncomfortable or detrimental side effects. For this reason, even if you have only lost one tooth, it is […]

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Tips to Ensure a Successful Dental Implant Recovery

After you have had dental implants placed, one of the most important things you can do to increase the likelihood they will be successful is follow the aftercare instructions your oral surgeon supplies. Ensuring your recovery is successful is the best way to ensure the implants themselves will be successful. Preparing for Dental Implants You […]

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Why Denture Wearers are Turning to Dental Implants

By far, the most challenging and frustrating obstacle for denture wearers is keeping the denture in place. In truth, this is also a huge obstacle for dentists. It is natural for bone loss to occur when teeth are missing. For patients who are missing all of the natural teeth, significant bone loss can be an […]

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What factors contribute to the long-term success of dental implants?

Longevity is one of the many benefits of dental implants. With proper care, these artificial tooth roots can last for decades. Many factors influence the long-term success of your dental implants, so to get them to live up to their maximum lifespan, it’s important to know of any issues that may interfere with your dental […]

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Do Dental Implants Mimic the Natural Tooth Structure?

For anyone who suffered a lost tooth, the adverse effects it can have on their smile can be quite significant, leading to a drain in self-confidence and a reluctance to laugh or smile. Missing teeth can, however, also affect the general health of a person’s mouth, and can eventually lead to further tooth loss. Tooth […]

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Structure of a Dental Implant

When considering treatment to replace a missing tooth, it’s important to consider a wide variety of factors. What will the replacement tooth look like? Will it work in the same way as a natural tooth? Will it fill in for the tooth’s entire structure or just the crown? That last question is particularly important, as […]

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Dental Implants: Never use denture adhesive again

When a patient loses one or more teeth, there are a variety of options available to resolve the problem. For patients concerned about aesthetics only, and who are willing to deal with the external factors such as removing a dental fixture for cleaning and sleeping, there are several choices. But if you have suffered tooth […]

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History of Dental Implants

Although it might be believed that dental implants are a relatively new introduction into dental reconstruction techniques, the history of implant treatment stretches back much further in time, and ancient civilizations would use fragments of seashells, carved pebbles and stones, and other materials to replace missing teeth. In later times, cadavers were often scavenged and […]

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Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

Don’t let a missing tooth bring you down! You have a number of treatment options for filling in that empty space. It’s important to research all of your alternatives, though, to be sure that you’re making an informed choice. An oral surgeon can be helpful in this effort by placing a dental implant as a […]

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Stop Jawbone Atrophy with Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular option for maintaining healthy teeth and gums following tooth loss. In addition to the aesthetic value they provide for patients, a dental implant won’t just halt jawbone loss, but it will actually encourage bone regeneration. Jawbone atrophy is the dissolution of the bone in gum tissue where a tooth has […]

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Periodontal Disease: Are dental implants still an option?

Dental implants are a popular method of smile reconstruction and replacement of missing teeth. An oral surgeon implants a small titanium rod into the patient’s gum tissue, which over times bonds with the jawbone to provide strong support to the surrounding teeth, restoring the strength of the patient’s bite and preventing malocclusion from occurring. While […]

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Dental Implants: Reclaim a more youthful appearance

Nothing adds years to your appearance quite like missing teeth. Maybe it’s because tooth loss is so frequently believed to be a natural consequence of “old age”. Maybe it’s because missing teeth just makes you feel older. Perhaps it’s because you tend to smile less often to avoid showing the gaps and spaces. It’s true […]

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Preserve Natural Teeth with Dental Implants

Patients that have lost one or a couple of teeth due to trauma, disease or decay have many options available to replace those teeth. But the solution that will restore your ability to eat, speak and smile is the option of implant dentistry. [pullquote]Whether you have received one or several implants, the final result culminates in […]

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Will Dental Implants Last a Lifetime?

You may have heard that dental implants are the absolute best alternative to your natural teeth. You may have heard that implants can be designed to look attractive and realistic. There has also been much discussion about the strength and durability of implants. The advertisements say that you can eat and drink whatever you like, […]

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Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is, unfortunately, a common problem among adults. Whether the result of injury or decay, losing a tooth leads to a variety of issues. Dental implants offer a permanent, comfortable, and convenient solution. Problems Related to Tooth Loss When even a single tooth is missing from your mouth, other teeth tend to shift into […]

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Do Certain Health Conditions Reduce Implant Success?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a specialized dental surgeon installs to replace lost teeth. Tooth implants are permanent, and come with a number of advantages. They can be made to exactly match the surrounding teeth, so no one will be able to tell that the tooth is false. Dental implants don’t […]

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COVID-19 Updates

A COVID-19 message and well wishes from the Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas to all of our patients.

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority. Per CDC guidelines we will be continuing with or instituting the following measures. Other measures will be instituted as guided by the authorities.

  • Our staff will be wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We will be monitoring the health of employees and keeping home any employee who displays symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We will be providing services by appointment only and communicating any special instructions to the patient for the appointment (i.e. face covering).
  • We will be limiting the number of people allowed inside the office at any given time.
  • We will be requiring temperature checks and health screenings for patients before entering the office.
  • We will be limiting the contact between the administrative staff and the patients, such as eliminating check-in forms and receipts when possible.

Please fill any forms online at our website.