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Is it best to get dental implants before or after braces?

dental implants nevadaIt is generally better to undergo orthodontic care before dental implants. The main reason is that implant restorations will not move like your biological teeth will with braces. If a dental implant moves following it being placed, the result is implant failure.

This rule applies to older teens and adult patients requiring teeth straightening. The reason is that children are generally not considered qualified for the implant process. That is because children that have not achieved bone maturity are still growing. Because a successful dental implant relies on stability, bone growth must be achieved before dental implants are considered. However, starting the teeth straightening process can and is usually started for younger children.

Having your malocclusion corrected first will allow our experts the freedom to work with straighter dentition when preparing you for dental implants. Once your teeth are straightened, the amount of jaw space is more defined.

The temptation to complete both processes simultaneously may seem ideal to you, but the need to complete orthodontics first is critical to a successful outcome for the implant process.

Once dental braces are removed and teeth are straightened, the patient is free to immediately initiate the implant procedure. As in all orthodontic treatment, the patient is required to wear a retainer, but this should not impact dental implants. The purpose of the retainer is to keep teeth in their new position so wearing it is critical to the completion of orthodontic treatment.

With implant dentistry, the implant is surgically embedded in gum tissue where missing teeth are making it difficult to chew properly, speak clearly, or smile without embarrassment. A healing period of four to six months allows bone to grow and incorporate the implant making it part of the permanent dental anatomy.

Once healing is achieved, the protective covering is removed and a cosmetic restoration is permanently affixed to the implant apparatus. Our team will have fabricated the one or more teeth needed to complete treatment to match surrounding teeth completing your smile makeover.

Braces have been used to straighten your teeth; implant dentistry has been implemented to permanently place teeth where biological teeth have been lost to trauma, infection, or excessive dental decay.

Treatment may take some time to complete; however, your smile makeover is permanent and will last for your lifetime.

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