Do dental implants mimic the natural tooth structure?

tooth implant Las VegasIf you have missing teeth, a tooth implant is the best choice for tooth replacement. An implant includes an artificial root as well as a functional crown, providing stability, longevity, and a natural appearance.

The Structure of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement that includes an artificial tooth root. Dentures and bridges only replace the visible portion of the tooth, providing biting and chewing surfaces but not the foundation of the root. You can eat with dentures, but you must modify the way you eat slightly to keep from dislodging them. With implants, the tooth root is firmly secured in the jawbone so it won’t move or shift.

Because the implant’s root is made of titanium, the bone in the socket will bond to it. This bond allows the root to stimulate growth in the jawbone. Without the root, the jawbone atrophies over time as the bone is resorbed into the bloodstream. Dentures do not supply the root and so do not help preserve the bone.

Deciding on Dental Implants

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, consult with an implant dentist to see if implants will work well for you. In some cases, implants might not heal properly—that is, the bone will not bond to the root—and the implants fail. This is more likely to happen if:

  • You smoke
  • You have diabetes
  • You have an autoimmune disorder
  • You are taking certain medication for osteoporosis

In addition, if you have gum disease, this should be treated before an implant procedure. After implants, you should see your dentist regularly to be sure gum disease doesn’t develop, as this can also cause implant failure.

If you have had dentures for a long period of time, or if your teeth have been missing for some time, you might have experienced atrophy already in your jawbone. A bone graft or sinus lift might provide enough of a foundation for your new implants. Your implant dentist will determine if bone grafting might be necessary.

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