Why Denture Wearers are Turning to Dental Implants

By far, the most challenging and frustrating obstacle for denture wearers is keeping the denture in place. In truth, this is also a huge obstacle for dentists. It is natural for bone loss to occur when teeth are missing. For patients who are missing all of the natural teeth, significant bone loss can be an ongoing process. Not surprisingly, a denture that once fit like a glove can begin to slip and slide as the shape of the bone changes.

Your dentist can make some adjustments to the denture to improve the fit. Denture relines and denture pastes are common short-term solutions. Unfortunately, these options are ineffective against bone loss. As bone loss progresses, it can become difficult or impossible for your dentist to keep the denture stable.

Fortunately, patients who wear dentures have another option. Many denture wearers are choosing dental implants to stabilize their dentures and prevent further bone deterioration. Implants are a popular solution in dentistry mainly due to their versatility. They can be used to replace a single tooth, a dental bridge, or support a denture. [pullquote]Many denture wearers are choosing dental implants to stabilize their dentures and prevent further bone deterioration.[/pullquote]

Dental implants are securely anchored to the jaw bone with a titanium post. Similar to a natural tooth, the post provides the stimulation necessary to prevent bone loss. This relationship not only holds the denture in place, but also improves your appearance. Many patients who have suffered bone loss begin to notice that the facial features may droop or sag without the support of the underlying bone structure. By strategically placing dental implants, your implant dentist can preserve your bone structure, ultimately protecting your face’s youthful definition.

To find out if the fit of your denture can be improved with the use of dental implants, call the office of Dr. Carlos Letelier at 702-367-6666 to schedule an appointment today. You’ll discover what thousands of denture wearers have already learned—it is possible to live with dentures that truly fit. Regain the comfort and confidence that you once enjoyed, even with dentures.