Does the Removal of Wisdom Teeth Impact Your Remaining Teeth?

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But What About the Rest of Your Smile?

Countless people who have wondered if it’s time to get their wisdom teeth out aren’t sure if it will cause problems with the rest of their teeth. The good news is you don’t have to worry about this problem. If your wisdom teeth come out, it doesn’t mean the alignment or overall health of your remaining teeth will be adversely impacted.

While you may notice some slight movement in some cases after your wisdom teeth have been removed, this isn’t something you have to worry about. These small changes can happen when they have pushed on nearby molars in their attempt to make room for themselves.

The resultant slight movement of these molars is merely due to the source of pressure being taken away. This is nothing drastic, so it won’t result in a gap in your smile or any other issues that come with misaligned teeth.

Positive Changes From Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are some cases in which wisdom teeth don’t have to come out. This may be the case if they’ve already fully grown in, provided that they are completely healthy and in the correct position for you to bite. This means that the wisdom teeth have to line up perfectly with the opposing teeth. At the same time, they have to grow in such a way that allows you to clean them regularly.

But not everyone is so lucky with their dental alignment. Frequently, there isn’t enough room for wisdom teeth to grow, and this tends to lead to issues. These molars can erupt at odd angles to the point where they might even be horizontal. In those cases, the impact on the rest of the teeth is almost certain to be a positive one once you’ve had these superfluous molars excised.

Another change for the better after patients have their wisdom teeth out often happens in the way people bite. The removal of wisdom teeth tends to relieve the pressure because it spreads out the force of your bite more evenly. Sometimes, this will cause the patient to think that there is a misalignment, but it’s more likely a sign that your bite is finally going back to its optimal alignment.

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