Enjoy Your Favorite Foods With Dental Implants

It’s easy to take for granted all of the hard work your natural teeth do while you’re speaking and eating. It’s only when the permanent teeth start to fall out that people realize how important the teeth really are. Missing teeth cause a change in bite pattern and strength. Dentures have long been used to try to replace missing teeth. The problem with traditional dentures is that they come with a diet restriction; there are some foods the appliance is just not suited for. The development of dental implants has revolutionized what patients with missing teeth can and can’t eat. 

Why Teeth Matter

Your teeth are responsible for speech and eating. There are many different sounds in every language that involve the tongue being able to contact the teeth in some form. The teeth work together in order to bite and chew food. Some people even use their teeth for useful functions such as opening packages, although this is not a recommended use. Missing teeth lead to a change in biting, eating and pronunciation.

How Dental Implants Help

Dental implants are artificial teeth that rest on titanium posts imbedded into the gums and integrated into the jawbone. The post acts similar to the natural tooth root in preserving bone and gum and holding artificial teeth in place. Implant dentists can restore bite patterns by placing the implant in the same position as the real tooth. Unlike other dental procedures that use removable appliances, implants are permanently in place. This means patients can eat their favorite foods just like they could with their natural teeth without restriction.

Experience the Difference Yourself

There are many different factors that go into determining whether or not dental implants are a good choice for you. Although there are many advantages, it’s not necessarily the perfect solution for everyone. Consult with Dr. Letelier to learn more!


COVID-19 Updates

A COVID-19 message and well wishes from the Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas to all of our patients.

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority. Per CDC guidelines we will be continuing with or instituting the following measures. Other measures will be instituted as guided by the authorities.

  • Our staff will be wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We will be monitoring the health of employees and keeping home any employee who displays symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We will be providing services by appointment only and communicating any special instructions to the patient for the appointment (i.e. face covering).
  • We will be limiting the number of people allowed inside the office at any given time.
  • We will be requiring temperature checks and health screenings for patients before entering the office.
  • We will be limiting the contact between the administrative staff and the patients, such as eliminating check-in forms and receipts when possible.

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