How Long Does it Take to Feel Normal After a Tooth Extraction?

Has your dentist recommended you get a tooth extraction? What does it mean exactly? Tooth extraction can be needed for a number of reasons: a large filling is damaged, you have a cracked/chipped tooth, or simply because you need your wisdom teeth removed. Depending on the reason, tooth extractions can be a major or very minor procedure. However, a trusted oral surgeon can make the process smooth with minimal discomfort. At the Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable before, during, and after tooth extraction. Here’s what you need to know once the procedure is done.

Emphasis Recovering From Extractions

Recovering from extractions can vary from patient to patient. Depending on the size of the tooth, its location, and the patient’s dental history, aftercare instructions can be different. There are 2 different types of extractions that can differ in their aftercare.

  • Simple Extractions– If you get a simple extraction (removing a tooth that has already erupted), recovery is brief. You may be instructed to rest after the procedure. Afterward, you should be able to return to normal activity. The extraction site normally heals quite quickly.
  • Surgical Extractions– This is when a tooth in the gums/jawbone gets removed (ex: wisdom teeth). The recovery process is a little longer. Sometimes it is recommended that a patient take it easy for the first 48-72 hour and limit some of their physical activity for a week. It can take a week or two to heal.

Each patient is different when it comes to recovery. Some will need to take multiple days off from work to heal, depending on the amount of physical activity required for their job. The doctor will discuss with you how to prepare for the procedure beforehand so that you can coordinate with work and family/friends.

Emphasis Recovery Tips

Patients should:

  • Avoid brushing, flossing, or chewing near the wound for a couple of days.
  • Don’t smoke because it increases the risk of infection and a painful condition called dry socket.
  • Don’t rinse, use a straw, or spit for the first 24 hours so that a blood clot can form on the wound.
  • Limit physical activity in order to not dislodge the clot.
  • When sleeping, keep the head elevated to prevent bleeding.
  • Use a cold compress and medication to control the swelling and pain.

These tips can help you heal faster, and make you more comfortable during your recovery. If you can, avoid needing tooth extractions by brushing 2x a day and flossing regularly. With this plan, you can ensure that your teeth and mouth stay healthy.

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