Important Tips for Recovering From Gum Grafting Surgery

The health of your gums is essential to your overall dental and oral health. If you have a receding gumline due to periodontal disease, genetics, older age, or improper brushing, Gum grafting surgery might be necessary to repair your gums. If you have this procedure done, it’s important to have tips for recovering from the surgery.

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Avoid Talking

For the first two to three days after your gum grafting surgery, it’s important to avoid talking. Talking causes your mouth to move and stretch and can loosen or even reposition the gauze in your mouth. Only speak when it’s necessary.

Use Ice and Pain Medication

Ice packs and over-the-counter pain medication can help to ease the pain and swelling associated with your surgery. It’s best to ask your oral surgeon which medications are most appropriate for you based on your overall health. Apply ice to your mouth for 20 minutes at a time during the first 24 hours after your surgery.

Rest for the First Three Days

After your Las Vegas oral surgery, you should rest for the first three days. Don’t make any plans, take time off and just rest to aid in your recovery. Even if you perform any activities, they should be done after the first 24 hours and be light.

Contact your oral surgeon if you have any questions.

Eat a Liquid Diet

Your oral surgeon will advise you to stick to a liquid diet for the first two days after your gum graft surgery. Opt for soups, drinks, and smoothies rich in vitamins and minerals, but make sure everything is completely blended to prevent particles from affecting your gums. By day three, you can begin eating soft foods like cheese and yogurt.

Are your gums deeply receded from gum disease or another issue? If you’re located in the Las Vegas area, contact Dr. Carlos Letelier to schedule a consultation to learn more about gum grafting surgery.