My Dental Implant is Loose, What Should I Do?

As highly reliable, permanent replacements for missing teeth, the vast majority of dental implants are successful. In fact, the success rate for dental implants is between 95 – 98%, which is one of the many reasons implants are so popular. However, just like the natural teeth, implants can suffer trauma wherein they become loose. There is also the possibility that complications can develop during the healing process that can cause implants to loosen.

How Las Vegas Dental Implants Work

A dental implant consists of two parts – the root portion, which is implanted directly into the jawbone and the prosthetic tooth, which is the portion of the implant you can see. There is a post included on the root portion, which is used to secure the prosthetic tooth. In order for an implant to succeed and stay in place, the bond that forms between the titanium root and the jawbone must not be compromised. The bone will bond over time with the titanium in a process called osseointegration. Dental implants are designed with numerous rough edges to ensure that this bonding process takes place. Once the bonding process is complete, the prosthetic tooth is placed on the root portion of the implant to complete the procedure.

Why Implants Loosen

Dental implant can be jarred loose in the same way natural teeth can. For example, if you were to fall on your face or suffer a hard blow to the mouth, it is possible that your prosthetic teeth may loosen on the posts, which are embedded in your jawbone. If this were to happen, your prosthetic teeth can be easily removed and replaced to make them secure again.

It is a more serious situation if the root portion of a dental implant loosens. This can happen due to the jawbone not correctly bonding with the titanium root. A loose dental implant will not correct itself by “tightening up” so waiting is not an option. In order for a loose dental implant to be remedied, it needs to be removed. If you suspect that a dental implant is loose, call The Center For Oral Surgery of Las Vegas right away at (702) 367-6666 to schedule an appointment time.