Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

Don’t let a missing tooth bring you down! You have a number of treatment options for filling in that empty space. It’s important to research all of your alternatives, though, to be sure that you’re making an informed choice.

An oral surgeon can be helpful in this effort by placing a dental implant as a replacement tooth root. The implant is then topped with a prosthetic crown to restore a complete smile’s appearance.

Dental implants offer the most advanced tooth replacement technology currently available. The implant is made of titanium, which fuses with the jaw. Of all the tooth replacement alternatives, only dental implants replicate the absent tooth’s root in this fashion. [pullquote]Dental implants offer the most advanced tooth replacement technology currently available.[/pullquote]

One alternative to dental implants is the fixed permanent bridge. With this appliance, a dentist places crowns on the natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Those crowns then hold a pontic, or artificial tooth, in place.

Patients with a single missing tooth can also choose a partial denture, but this option can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for just one tooth.

Dental implants come with a number of benefits. When cared for properly, they last for decades. In comparison, bridges may need to be replaced periodically. Furthermore, bridges do not prevent jawbone atrophy like dental implants do. The root-like structure of the dental implant helps to stabilize the jaw.

Another advantage of dental implants is that they are easy to maintain. You brush and floss dental implants just like natural teeth. Implants don’t block access to the gumline, as a bridge does, so there’s no need for special tools to assist with flossing.

Improved function is another characteristic of dental implants. Because the implant is rooted in the jaw, it can withstand normal chewing forces, giving patients the opportunity to include a wide variety of foods in their diet.

You have many choices to replace a single tooth, so choose wisely. Consider longevity, appearance and convenience as you decide on a treatment option. Contact The Center for Oral Surgery of Las Vegas Nevada at 702-367-6666 for additional information and to schedule your consultation.