Receding Gums: Are Dental Implants Still An Option?

When the gums are receding, the roots of the teeth are exposed which can leave teeth susceptible to damage and loss. If you have receding gums, your gum recession must be dealt with before you can have dental implants placed. This is because dental implants require a stable & sufficient jawbone and healthy gum tissue in order to succeed. Patients suffering from gum recession may be able to benefit from tissue grafts for improving the health of the gums, jaw and the stability of the teeth for improved appearance and oral health.

If a dental implant were to be placed in a patient with gum recession, the loss of the gum tissue would leave the implant partially exposed. This would weaken the supportive hold on the crown that is placed on top of the implant. This in turn, would affect the surrounding natural teeth to put the patient at risk for a variety of dental issues.

For some patients with gum recession, an implant dentist can use bone graft and tissue or gum graft to reinforce the jaw and gums for successful implant surgery. With a bone graft, the jawbone can be reinforced or increased slightly to better support an implant. With a gum graft, the gum tissue is improved to better cover the teeth roots and to protect the dental implant. This is typically done prior to the implant procedure with ample time given for healing to ensure the grafts are secured.

In order for dental implants to succeed, the jawbone and gum tissue must be healthy and strong. If you have receding gums, visit a periodontist for the treatment you need before you schedule an appointment with a dental implant specialist.

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