Which Teeth Can Be Replaced by Dental Implants?

tooth implant las vegas Any missing tooth can be replaced with a tooth implant. Whether you’re missing a single tooth in the front, three or four teeth in the back, or an entire arc of teeth on the top or bottom, dental implants can give you a new, natural-looking smile.

How Do I Decide if Implants are Right for Me?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent option for replacement. Even if you’re just missing one tooth, a single tooth implant can make a dramatic difference in the way you feel about your smile. It can also help keep your other teeth from moving out of position. [pullquote]Even if you’re just missing one tooth, a single tooth implant can make a dramatic difference in the way you feel about your smile. [/pullquote]

Any missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. Each implant can be placed separately, with its own individual root to anchor it in your jawbone. If you need to have more than one tooth replaced, each can have an individual root, or a bridge or arc of prosthetic teeth can be anchored with only one or two roots. This depends upon several individual factors, and the final decision about how to place your implants is made in conjunction with your implant dentist.

Implant Dentistry and How it Works

Although people have been using various materials for tooth replacement for centuries, implant dentistry wasn’t developed until recent years. It was discovered that bone would naturally bond to titanium, making it the perfect material for implants. The artificial root, made of titanium or an alloy so the bone will bond with it. This process, called osseointegration, helps keep your new teeth stationary and strong. It also helps ensure the bone in your jaw will continue to grow. When you chew, the artificial root stimulates tissue growth just like natural tooth roots do.

With your entire tooth replaced, not just the visible biting or chewing portion, you’ll have permanent, natural-looking teeth that won’t move in your mouth and won’t ever become uncomfortable. With implants, you’ll be confident about your smile for many years to come.

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