When Can I Return to Work After a Dental Implant Procedure?

Undergoing treatment for dental implants in Las Vegas should be treated much the same way as undergoing any other surgical procedure. So how long do you need to tell your boss you’re going to be out of commission? That depends on the procedures you’re facing. 

What the Procedure Entails

The dental implant procedure itself involves an implant dentist inserting a titanium post, also known as a support, directly into the gum tissue where it is supposed to eventually bond with the jaw bone. This is known as osseointegration and is what makes it possible for implants to act like a natural tooth and assist in the maintenance of healthy gums and bone.

Although the actual implant procedure can be done in a day, osseointegration happens over time. Sometimes patients need surgery before the implant procedure in order to prepare the gums and bone. (Diazepam) Sometimes patients need follow-up surgery to ensure successful integration of the implant.

Most patients experience some discomfort after surgery. Your implant dentist will numb the area to ensure your comfort during treatment. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to manage any discomfort until your mouth is fully healed. 

Concerning Downtime

For an implant procedure involving no other surgeries, most patients can expect to return to work the following day, although they may experience some slight discomfort. Patients who need to undergo grafts for bone or gums before the implant surgery will likely need more time off from work. 

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