Why Winter Time Is A Great Time To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure, especially for those in their late teens or early twenties. These back-of-the-mouth molars often cause discomfort due to limited space when they emerge. Symptoms like sore gums, jaw pain, and bleeding can arise.

Your dentist might recommend removing wisdom teeth before symptoms start. This usually involves referral to our experienced oral surgeon. Planning the right time for the surgery matters due to the recovery period. This is why winter is a popular season for wisdom teeth extraction.

Making Use of the Winter Break

People in their late teens to  early twenties, often students, commonly need wisdom teeth removal. Winter Break, starting in November or December, offers an excellent opportunity for the procedure. Recovery lasts from a couple of days to two weeks, so relaxing on the couch is key.

Caring for Recovery

Post-surgery, a soft diet and sometimes, antibiotics, are essential. Keeping treated areas clean prevents infections. Rest and avoiding strain are crucial too. Rushing back to strenuous activities can lead to complications like dry socket. This condition, caused by dislodged blood clots, can extend recovery time. In essence, following your surgeon’s advice is crucial for healing. Allotting enough recovery time is equally important. Winter break is perfect for the procedure, allowing you to rest and take it easy for a bit.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort, consult your dentist for a referral or contact our office directly to schedule a consultation with our team.

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