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If you lose or severely damage a tooth, you may be left wondering what your options are. Dental implants from The Center of Oral Surgery of Las Vegas are the answer. A damaged smile can have significant confidence, aesthetic and oral health implications. We help patients reclaim their smiles quickly and permanently, and offer all of our dental implant patients a complimentary consultation.

Dental Implants and How They Work

Dental implants are small titanium posts we place in the sockets of missing teeth to act as the roots for replacement teeth. We use biocompatible and surgical grade materials to ensure comfort and effectiveness of the implants.

Part of why dental implants are such an effective solution for missing teeth is that when the titanium contacts the bones in your jaws, it undergoes a process called osseointegration. This means the bone attaches directly to the titanium implant. Therefore, your implants become a part of your bite, as integrated as your natural teeth.

Implants can be used to secure crowns, dentures or bridges. An implant can act as the root for a single tooth, multiple or even a section of teeth. Some patients opt for all on 4 dental implants. In this setup, four implants are used to secure the entirety of either the upper or lower teeth. There are many possibilities with dental implants.

Why Choose The Center of Oral Surgery of Las Vegas?

We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our patients. This includes the effectiveness of our services, the friendliness of our staff and the convenience of our work. We are located in beautiful Las Vegas and take advantage of all the most advanced technology to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Our dental implant treatment can be completed promptly and with a single visit. For artificial teeth in a day or general dental implants, Las Vegas residents and visitors trust The Center of Oral Surgery of Las Vegas and Dr. Letelier.

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